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Drop by from time to time. You can see pics of our new house, or read up on some rambling, provided courtesy of us, but mostly from Steven (So dont expect anything too intelligent. And if something is listed on this website that goes over your head, just make it easy on yourself, tie a rope to a brick and around your legs, and do a canonball over the confederation bridge.)

Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm Thirsty - Is it Friday??

Hey folks...It is Friday afternoon, and since I work for the federal government, my time is being spent wisely playing cards, looking at ebay, and trying to download music, which is definately not permitted here, but they really dont have a clue. Guns and Roses Rocks!!!

And then I seen a co-worker writing in one of these Blogs. I am not a fan of writing - or for that matter - reading. I would prefer to drink my brain cells away than to allow them to become more edumucated. But, as you can tell, my writing is not up to par- for a 27 year old. (So--I'm still cool)

I thought, hey, I can use this site to easily update the boys (and gals) about what's going on in PEI, or, --MERMAID....where the new residence is being built. If you don't already know that Glenda and I are building a house, either you haven't been told, or you are reading this page because you are some loser that likes to read other people's diaries. (F U by the way - U FREAK, PEDOPHILE, LOSER!!!!!!)

Anyways, I dont have the pics here today, but I will try to get some up in the next few days. If you guys have anything you want to add or say, email it to me.. and if it sucks, don't expect a response from me, cause you're not worth my time.

More to follow folks, have a good one............................